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Nutritional Intervention Research Unit (NIRU) and Biomedical Research Division (BIRD)

FoodFinder 3 for Windows® is a computer software application developed by the Nutritional Intervention Research Unit (NIRU) and Biomedical Informatics Research Division (BIRD) of the South African Medical Research Council (MRC) in collaboration with WAMTechnology CC. This program has been developed for South Africans, who are interested in the analysis of the food intake of individuals or groups of individuals. It is especially aimed at the nutrition researcher, but it could also be used successfully by dieticians in the treatment of their clients, the food industry for product development, and by training institutions for training purposes.

FoodFinder 3 is a high quality easy-to-use program that we hope will serve the needs of a wide range of people. FoodFinder 3 was developed as a client server application in Microsoft Visual Studio.Net and Access/MSDE/SQL Server. The product is a robust software application with the ability to run as a stand-alone desktop application AND/OR a full scale network application (with application server). The selection system of FoodFinder 3 has deliberately also been made food code-free so that someone without any knowledge of the South African Food Composition Tables would still find it easy to use. FoodFinder 3 was developed with user friendliness in mind. The ease of use has been maintained by Drag-and-Drop Database entries. A copy and paste feature for easily duplicating repetitive items (e.g. food items in meals) is also included and database entries can be queried by the Search and Advanced Search options. By using these options, users can search the database for a word, parts of a word, or even a sentence. Multiple data entry windows can also be viewed at the same time by tiling them vertically, horizontally or cascaded.

NIRU and BIRD are proud to present FoodFinder 3 and we are sure that the program will make your life easier, because now you have the option to enter food in household measurements and not just in grams of food eaten.

Development team

  • Medical Research Council
    NIRU: Dr P Wolmarans, Ms J Humphreys; BIRD: Dr C Seebregts, Mr M Ndlokovane
  • WAMTechnology CC, Stellenbosch
    Mr P Maree, Mr C Mostert, (Program Design and Development)
  • Maximum Solutions
    Dr Heinz Kabutz, (Design)

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